What All Fun You Can Expect Once You Meet Your Doppelganger

Life is all about Fun and it should be lived without stress…

I know it is easier said than done, but seriously when you look around you get to see so many stressful situations somersaulting around us, then you suddenly realize that ufff, it is too much to handle…

Indeed technology has made a huge relief to bring a breeze of convenience and relaxing in our life, but somewhere down the line, it is very common to feel that there is something missing, which could actually bring a positive change and can help us to have that special feel…

No need to worry, this query too is resolved through the platform of technology only with an app which lets you meet, talk and shares your lookalike from the outreached distances on the world map…


It is very cool actually and it really helps us to unwind a different side of our personality which loves to experience the new things…

Although, the concept of the doppelganger is nothing new, but I think the integration of app technology into its background is something creative….

An app which has recently been introduced on the Android and iOS platforms and worth to mention, within few days of being launched, this app has created a stir in the market, and more number of users are getting attracted towards this app and it has sparked a sensation in the market, where people can access their doppelganger with an ease.

I am going to try this app too, and am really excited and nervous at the same time, that what the experience be like when I would see and talk with my look-alike very first time???

  •      I can explore the area of interests we share
  •       Can talk endlessly
  •      We can share each other with our family members on the Social channels
  •      And who knows we would end up enjoying the company of my look-alike and we would be the besties..
  •      And much more….. J

No prize for guessing this much I am planning ahead, but with a mixed feeling of excitement and awkwardness, but come what may, I am going to experience the pleasure of finding someone who looks exactly like me, but with no blood relation …and this all going to happen with a mobile app platform only, which I would access at my convenience only with Twinzy app…

So why don’t you access this app now and share your story and experience as well…

You can download Twinzy app from

For Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twinzy  

For iOS- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twinzy/id1312796749?ls=1&mt=8  

And let’s share our stories on Twinzy platform and build a strong community of Happy Doppelgangers…


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