How Two Complete Strangers Are Joined Together With An App

I know on reading the topic, you must be thinking that I am addressing to the app technology benefits and would ask you to take a look at the app technology, but trust me this not what am going to address herewith today, I have lot more to do with some new information, and want to unleash it to you at the earliest possible…

Then what’s the information???

Well, the information is definitely not about the Donald Trump or the Global Warming, although both of the issues have the superlative degree of sensitivity (consider PUN side of me little seriously J)

But today my aim to come down here is little different as am going to discuss the most beautiful side of the God’s creation and that is doppelganger effect.

Ever heard of it before???

Doppelganger is a scientifically proven theory, which claims that there are 7 look-alikes of each of us in this world, and regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity, there can be 7 doppelgangers in this world.

I know no matter how interesting the fact to find your lookalike sounds, it’s absolutely not that easy, because it’s never feasible for all of us to find our look-alikes, in one go only.

Oops, I could hear a heartbreak ….HEY don’t lose hope J

Technology has chiseled its features to an extent that it can help your dream of meeting or chat with your doppelganger to come true…so just cheer up…JJJ

A new app Twinzy is creating a stir in the mobile app market and is rapidly getting popular as a proven doppelganger finder tool.

I too tried this app and was stunned to see that one of doppelganger was all the way China, with 76% similarity, and other were almost ….hey why don’t you check it out yourself…

Twinzy app is based on the Artificial Intelligence system and helps the user to find the best possible doppelgangers across the globe with just a few simple steps to be followed on the app platform, and as a consequence, you are there to meet a complete stranger, who shares are facial features with no blood bond.

How enticing is it???


Well, you too can help yourself to get an adrenalin rush while seeing a complete stranger sharing your face, by downloading Twinzy, which is available on both the app platforms…

You can download Twinzy from

For Android-  

For iOS-   

And be a part of the ever-growing Twinzy community

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