Do You Still Juggle To Find Your Look-Alike In The Museum

I remember my grandpa once told me during my childhood that he had visited a museum in Italy, and there he saw his doppelganger in one of the old portraits, and his flock of friends who accompanied him, also couldn’t trust their eyes, and as per my grandpa’s words he was surely taken aback for some time, although he couldn’t capture the moment and due to the scarcity of right moment capturing device, else he would have taken a selfie along with the portrait for his future generations to cherish the fact.

But he told us the museum name, where he visited during his youth and couldn’t capture the moment. On an honest note, on hearing his story, I really want to explore the possible resources, through which I also could find my doppelganger, but you cannot deny the fact that my grandpa was extremely lucky that he could find his doppelganger from the history, but not each of us could be this much lucky.

Yes, a sad but the harsh fact… L

Recently technology has made several advancements and really inspired many unfulfilled dreams to get accomplished through the mode of technology, but could technology really relay the need of the hour with the right piece of technology???

This question bugged me till I came across the mobile app technology, which has indeed opened a door of opportunities for the different businesses across the world, but not every expectation (as I expect for my look-alike) can be proven right.

Obviously, mobile app technology is just a fragment of technology and expecting a huge from it would be wrong…RIGHT??

Well, my theory was proven wrong when I came across the Twinzy…

Now you must be having a valid question that what Twinzy actually is????

So just to clarify that Twinzy is a mobile app, which is specifically designed and developed for the people who want to find their look-alikes, through their fingertips only…

How ecstatic it sounds????

It means now I don’t need to be a globetrotter and compromise my schedule to find a tunnel to meet my passion of meeting or at least knowing about my look-alike who could be 7 as per the scientific research.

I have found my way to happiness, and what about you????

You too can join the pack of the happy brood of Twinzy, by downloading the mobile app from the given links…

For Android-

For iOS-  

And keep them posted about your search result and be a part of Twinzy community…


(A story as quoted by the Twinzy user)


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