How AI Is Helping To Find Your Celebrity Look-Alike

Hey, you resemble a famous Hollywood celebrity…your eyes and nose are the perfect pairs of so and so celebrity…You know if you trim down your hair a bit, you look exact copy, James Dean…

These are some of the most obvious parts of the conversations, we get to hear, mostly on daily basis, and sometimes we give a nod and sometimes in utter surprise stay within ourselves only and I think you all can relate to this situation, which is quite common to be encountered on the daily basis, wherein on listening to others, we tend to find ‘THE ONE’ who looks like you.

Celebrity, the words itself holds the magic, that outshines each of us and somewhere down the line we all wish to follow the trends and the looks of our celebrities. They are popular and have the global recognition, just imagine if you could resemble one of the celebrities and you can flaunt it across…

Now you must be thinking how one can look-alike the celebrity??? Hmmm…your question is valid but the answer to this is not just valid but based on scientific facts as well…

As per science there are 7 look-alikes of each of us in this world, and they can be from any corner of the world, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion…on the basis of this theory if you dig further you can easily understand that your doppelganger can also be a celebrity, but the only sorrow is that you are still unaware of it.

In such tumultuous situation technology has really breathed down the tension away and has made the platform through the Artificial Intelligence, where you can stand up and shout aloud that ‘Finally, I can find my celebrity doppelganger’…it sounds comforting, convenient and seamless as well.

Recently while finding a real-time solution to find my twin celebrity, I came across a mobile app, which is fully integrated with the AI technology and helps the users to find the look-alike in no time.

At first I didn’t trust the app functionality but just to amuse myself further, I chose to try it out and believe the results were impeccable wherein I got the 60% look-alike from two Hollywood celebrities and something which excited me more, that this app not just allowed me to find my twin celebrity but it also has the feature through which I could see my look-alike existing in the entire world.

It surely left me spell-bounded, so I am announcing the name of the app, and it is TWINZY.

Why don’t you just move ahead and download the app, it is available on Apple and Google Play store, so just open the respective store on your Smartphone and experience an entirely new world of searching doppelgangers…

You can download the apps at…

For Android -


Posted By: Twinzy


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Available in Play Store & in the App Store.