Date 16th Mar 2018

Germany, Wiesbaden

Cognitive IT Services is immensely delighted to share the news of launching their very first mobile app for finding the doppelganger. The app name is TWINZY and it is available on the Android and the iOS platforms.

The app on the launch has received the massive applaud from the targeted audience, that has become a source of decoding the happiness and entertainment for the users.

This app is based on a unique concept, which has a scientific theory behind it, which clearly suggests that every individual has 7 look-alikes in this world, regardless of ethnicity, race, color or religion there are 7 doppelgangers of each of us existing on this planet earth.

On the basis of this scientific theory, Twinzy is designed and developed, which lets the app users find their doppelganger, chat with them and even share them on social media.

With Twinzy app users can discover their long-distance doppelganger with just a click on their Smartphone. The best aspect of the Twinzy app is that it is highly user-friendly and the app design and color theme are extremely unique, which engages the users for the further use.

 “Twinzy is more than just an app, but it is a medium through which people can meet virtually their look-alikes by pressing few taps on the mobile app, and truly speaks the language of a Millennial generation,” said Qamar A. Husain, CEO, and Founder of Twinzy mobile app.

The Twinzy app features are:

  •   Users can find their twin for free
  •   Users can upload their 3 portrait photos for the better result
  •   On finding the twin, they can start the chat with their twins
  •   The app is based on a community-based feature,which means more number of users, means more    number of chances of finding the twin.
  •    The user can share their twins on social media site

You can download the Twinzy app today and find your doppelganger with just one click on your smartphone. You can download Twinzy from:



Any discussion related to Twinzy, please get in touch with

CEO & Founder

Qamar A. Hussain



[email protected]




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Available in Play Store & in the App Store.